3W Chart Light Wall Mount R503B
  • Item type: Gooseneck Lights Power(W): 2.4W Beam Angle(°): 120° Application: Yacht/marine/boat lighting Input Voltage: 10-30V Product size: Φ50*H18*mm(head) Installation: Surface mount IP Rating: IP66 Body Material: Aluminum & steel Unit pack weight: 0.35kg Port: Wire Power Cord:


This gooseneck light can be used as chart light, map light, reading light for boat, car or house lighting. It can work under wide range input voltage, no worry about voltage floating. Its switch and all electric parts are integerated and sealed in the lamp head. A red indicator show the light position in darkness. It uses touch sensor swtich, and distinguish different operation mode by long touch or short touch. The dual color models can offer red and white which are perfect for illuminating cabin in dark, because people can still see outside vision while lighting red light in the cabin. Different foots are available for vertical / horizontal installation.

Item list

Model Number Light Color Body Finish Brightness Remarks Product ID
R503B-WW warm white anodized black 280LM 120301
R503B-CW cool white anodized black 280LM 120302
R503B-R red anodized black 60LM 120303
R503B-WWR warm white + red anodized black 190LM+20LM 120304
R503B-CWR cool white + red anodized black 190LM+20LM 120305